Global Social Leaders Podcast

#1: Climate Justice Revolution

April 03, 2020 Global Social Leaders Episode 1
Global Social Leaders Podcast
#1: Climate Justice Revolution
Show Notes

Jack from Worle Community School (UK) is the leader of Climate Justice Revolution (CJR). Their one simple aim is to reduce the effects of global climate change.

CJR’s slogan is ‘Fighting for our future’. 'We believe that for us to be able to have the same opportunities our parents did in the future, we need to fight climate change which can lead us to solving more world problems.

CJR does our best to encourage young people to join our movement or start their own. Our belief is that if you have a worthy cause that you believe in, then you should be able to have the opportunity to help that cause.

We plan to incorporate the Global Goals in more of our projects across WCSA to show students the wide range of problems that need solving and how they can make a difference.'

Jack and the team joined Greta Thunberg in Bristol to strike for climate. The CJR team has done a brilliant job being our official GSL correspondents of the day.  To find out more about Jack's work read his awesome blog -

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